Above and beyond is our normal.

MSI has always been a 100% referral business. That’s because we are personally invested in every detail of our clients’ success, and our reputation precedes us. Contagious optimism. Grace under pressure. Meaningful touches that make events special for attendees. While none of these are innovative by themselves, they pack a powerful punch when brought together by a strategic team who’s not afraid to get in the weeds, and has seen pretty much everything.

Inspired events for dozens to thousands.

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We take care of everything.

Effective, organized and energetic planning is the key to an event your attendees will remember. MSI is here to handle all the details start to finish, from first impressions to lasting memories.


Venue Selection & Contracts | Registration | Sponsorships Content Management | Budgeting | Onsite Operations

Our team is your secret weapon.

We’ve been working together for a long time. Each engagement with our team benefits from our broad experience, our attention to meeting all milestones and deliverables, and our ability to build upon 20+ years of successes.